January 30, 2024

Enhancing Productivity in Label and Packaging Operations

The integration of inkjet retrofitting technology into label and packaging operations is a testament to the industry's commitment to advancing productivity. This section explores how the addition of this technology significantly enhances the efficiency of production processes.

Streamlining Production Processes

Inkjet retrofitting transforms traditional printing processes, allowing for faster and more efficient production cycles. By integrating digital inkjet engines onto existing flexo presses, companies can achieve high-quality, single-pass printing, which significantly reduces the time taken for job setups and changeovers. This efficiency is crucial for handling high-volume orders and meeting tight deadlines.

Case Studies: Real-World Successes

AutoMate Label Solutions: Their journey into digital printing began with the installation of a Colordyne 17-inch UV inkjet engine. This move allowed them to produce single-pass inkjet labels efficiently, enhancing their productivity and adapting quickly to customer demands.

First Tape & Label (FT&L): With over 40 years of experience, FT&L embraced inkjet retrofitting by acquiring Colordyne’s 3600 Series UV – Retrofit, and later, a second-generation 3800 Series UV – Retrofit. These installations streamlined their production, facilitating faster turnarounds and cost savings, and leveraging unique job chaining software for increased efficiency.

Maximizing Output and Quality

The precision and speed of inkjet printing ensure that not only is the production output maximized, but the quality of prints is also enhanced. The ability to quickly adjust and customize print jobs without compromising quality is a significant advantage in today’s fast-paced market.

Flexibility in Meeting Diverse Customer Needs

The flexibility offered by retrofitting inkjet technology allows companies to handle a diverse range of printing jobs with ease. Whether it's short runs, long runs, or high-mix projects, retrofitting provides the capability to meet various customer requirements effectively and promptly.

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