May 2, 2023

Made in America: A Story About Our Beginnings

At Colordyne, we believe in the power of American manufacturing to drive innovation and strengthen our communities. As a proud American manufacturer, we want to share more about our story and how we came to be the successful inkjet solutions provider we are today. In this Q&A article, Andy Matter, President of Colordyne Technologies, shares his journey and more insights about our company.


1.      Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where I still live with my wife, Cari. I am a serial entrepreneur, having built three technology companies over the past 20+ years. I began and still pursue my career with a passion for the advancement of technology that solves practical problems. My wife and I have two adult children, one doctor and one chaplain, both dedicated to their positions within the medical field. My hobbies include but are not limited to music as an accomplished pianist.


2.      What motivated you and your business partner to start Colordyne Technologies?

The motivation was based on the need that my business partner, Gary Falconbridge, experienced in his previous company.  As a label provider, the company struggled with the lack of print solutions that could incorporate full color and variable print production capabilities in an efficient and affordable way.

With the arrival of high-speed digital inkjet in the early 2000s, converters’ needs could be addressed. The ideal solution would be a pathway for label converters to jump into digital printing. The new inkjet technology would reduce production costs, and dramatically improve production time.

Colordyne was born from the realization that affordable process color printing, late-stage customization and faster turn-arounds were going to become critical assets for converters and print providers. Our mission was then, and continues to be, to provide high quality inkjet solutions that allow label and packaging converters to affordably leverage digital printing.


3.       What are some of the challenges Colordyne has overcome related to being an engineering and manufacturing company?

In the early years, the technology had not yet reached a level of practical integration into a converter business. Despite facing initial challenges with color management, ink laydown, durability, and water fastness, the industry continued to persevere in the advancement of the technology. With our team’s vision for innovation and dedication, we have since overcome these obstacles too and are now able to implement advanced technology in a highly effective manner. Today, Colordyne has 600+ successful installations around the world.


4.       How would you say Colordyne has evolved over the last 12+ years?

In our early days, Colordyne’s focus was on the development of turnkey systems that operated based on other technology providers. After a few years, we determined that offering an inkjet print engine that can be integrated into an analog press or converting equipment provides customers with the most efficient and lowest-cost pathway to inkjet printing.

Colordyne’s core business today is developing and manufacturing inkjet print engines scaled to fit almost any application and leveraging die, pigment and UV Inkjet technology. Our goal is to rejuvenate existing equipment through the integration of process color inkjet technology, providing a low capital cost inkjet solution to single pass digital and hybrid converting.

Since our beginning in 2010, we’ve tripled our assembling, testing, and manufacturing area. We operate with around 20+ employees, some located around the country but the majority working out of our headquarters in Brookfield, Wisconsin.


5.      Can you share examples of your Colordyne's commitment to being an American manufacturer?

Colordyne is a small business located outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We take pride in and prioritize utilizing our own in-house resources to assemble our print engines and everything related to our retrofit technology. In addition, we work closely with many domestic companies that provide additional components for our business, always with the aim of delivering the best quality products in the industry.

If you want to learn more about our inkjet technology, our retrofit approach, or simply connect with us, don't hesitate to reach out today!

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